Everything is Racist - First Part - CD

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This classic Rucka Rucka Ali album is now available in CD form!

Since CDs have limited space, the very long album is broken into 2 parts (sold separately). Buy the First & Second Parts for the full black experience.

First Part Track List:

          1. Everything is Racist

          2. Peein' on the French

          3. Shvartza

          4. Trump

          5. I Say Herro

          6. Kan's Gay

          7. I Know That You'll Miss Obama

          8. Livin' in the Vatican

          9. Full of Crap

         10. Idk

         11. Jared the Footlong Lover

         12. Talking Chinese

         13. Fucka Zombie

         14. I've Got Cancer

         15. I Got HIV

         16. Feel the Bern (When You Pee)

         17. I'm Really White, Dude