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North Korea can't fire a missile as far as they can throw it. Release #TheInterview
- Thursday Dec 18 - 7:42am

I've never seen people so upset about a Seth Rogen movie NOT coming out #TheInterview
- Thursday Dec 18 - 6:31am

@acynecki Thanks!!!
- Thursday Dec 18 - 2:25am

RT @ActuallyAmCcabz: @RuckaRuckaAli's music is pure art
- Thursday Dec 18 - 1:40am

NEW VIDEO. Bill Cosby will love this.
- Thursday Dec 18 - 1:34am

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Signed “Black Man of Steal” Prints Now for Sale!

December 10 2014

Get a glossy print of “Black Man of Steal” album cover with YOUR name written by Rucka! Buy it HERE.

Rucka on VINE!

June 3 2013

Follow my Vine account on your mobile device HERE!

Rucka on Buzzfeed!

May 15 2013

I was mentioned in Buzzfeed’s article HERE.

Rucka on Tumblr!

May 7 2013

Follow me on Tumblr! @iamRucka or click here.

“I’m Obama (Big Black Remix)” Out Now!

April 2 2013

Go check out the extended “what what” version of “I’m Obama” on iTunes, Amazon, and many more online stores/streaming sites.

Big 3 LIVE Theme Song

January 20 2013

I made the intro song/video for the new Big 3 LIVE on the Video Podcast Network! See it HERE.

Rucka AMA on Reddit

January 1 2013

Happy New Year! I’m doing an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit. View it HERE.

“Dear Rucka” in Dec 2012 G’Nat Mag

December 24 2012

Peep it! I answer some Nucka questions in the latest issue of G’Nat Mag. HERE is the magazine link. My column “Dear Rucka” is on page 38!

Rucka’s World Redone!

December 24 2012

Rucka’s Nuckas of Nucka Nation! I’m pleased to present you the NEW and IMPROVED, revamped and renovated!! Created with skill by Anagram Group. Mad props!!


Warning This be funny shit. Intended for rich white kids only. May piss off minority viewers. All offensive material is true.